Sunday, July 9, 2017

Walking back to our Stockholm flat

A long walk back from Gamla Stan (historic downtown Stockholm) brought the usual spectacular views of summertime Stockholm. Wonderful. A brief shower steamed it up, briefly, but it turned cool and dry quite quickly.

My first mission (after enjoying a delicious lunch - smorgasbord - at the Grand Hotel) was returning to photograph the Amelanchier "trees" in containers near the Parliment building.

The fruits were getting ripe, and birds were harvesting them. I mentioned to interested tourists (American and Japanese) that we had serviceberries in North America, yada, yada (uh, they were taking pictures, so I thought they might be interested -- they were interested in their edibility and attractiveness, at least).

What struck me is that they were in containers. Hmm. They must have to bring them indoors somewhere in the winter -- perhaps the Saskatoon species would be hardy in Stockholm in a container in the winter, but I wouldn't think our SE US species would. But, plants are adaptable.

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